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Coco Cash Clips:

The 70's are back and better than ever in Cash Clips! Evoke the wistful feel of the "Me Decade" with popular TV shows like Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, The Jefferson's, Brady Bunch, and WKRP. Your casino can provide players with an opportunity to reminisce about the Good Times while playing a nd winning in this nostalgic touch-screen casino promotion. Players will watch short clips from popular 70's sitcoms and guess the scene or line that comes next. Every time a player guesses correctly they have the option to advance on to the next level. However if they guess incorrectly the player walks away with a not-so-gnarly consolation prize.

This crowd favorite has been designed for multiple platforms and can be played on touch-screen kiosks, TV’s, and interactive video walls. Perfect for any casino promotion, Coco Cash Clips is ready to provide players with that memorable, nostalgic sense of winning at your next casino promotion.

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