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Digital Signage: Benefits of technology in your product launch

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on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 in Digital Signage

You’ve done it. You’ve invented something new. You’ve hired engineers, accountants, scientists, and businessmen to bring your idea to life. Now it’s time to launch that product with digital signage. Hours, weeks, months, and in some cases years of work, all come down to this exciting, critically important, moment. The pressure of a successful launch is the only thing on everyone’s mind.

There are many ways in which you can launch your product, however there are four key digital signage solutions that can make your launch memorable and highly impactful.

3D projection mapping is among the newest and most impactful solution to include in a product launch. Brands like Ralph Lauren and H&M have recently displayed massive displays on the sides of beautiful buildings. The benefits? Tons of exposure and a memorable display.

Interactive video walls can also get your customers engaged by providing a “hands on” experience with your product. Instead of telling your clients how something is used, show them. Let them play with the different features on a display. Estee Lauder recently used an interactive wall that emphasized a skin protection product.

Video walls can still create a huge impact without the interactive feature. Broadcasting a creative video in a store, mall or other populated locations can drive traffic to your product. Here is an example of how retail stores have used digital signage to engage customers.

The Armodilo is another digital signage solution that will give potential clients exposure to your product. On a much smaller scale than other solutions, this minimized display can have great benefits. Install an armadillo at a hotel check-in counter or restaurant.

Therefore I ask you; “How are you going to use technology to launch your next product”? Go big, go small, go interactive or simply just go digital! Whatever your decision is, just make sure that you use digital signage technology to help you transcend your product to the next level.

Erica Adams – Intermedia Touch

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