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4 Steps to Increase Revenue With Digital Signage

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on Friday, 10 January 2014 in Digital Signage

Consumer behavior involves all industries including digital signage. You can’t increase revenue without taking into account the ways and reasons in which people buy.  This is why knowing your customers, and even creating a buying persona that reflects the needs and wants of your customers is so important to the potential increase of your company’s revenues.

Once you fully understand who your target market is and what motivates them to visit you and buy from you, you can then apply these four steps with your digital signage solution. You want to increase revenues, right? So, let digital signage assist with your financial growth. Here’s how:

Give Back The Gift of Time:

It is no secret that people are either wallet constrained or time constrained when they are out and about, with a purpose. For those that are time constrained, why not help them be more efficient in their experience? For example, you are a shopping mall and your main revenue stream is a percentage on retailer sales. If a guest is time-constrained and cannot find their retailer of choice, then that revenue opportunity is lost. Therefore offer a digital wayfinding solution to your shoppers. Show them how to get to their destination with speed and ease and keep the profit percentages coming in.

Educate your customers:

People are only going to interact with your touch-screen display if the content being displayed is compelling, helpful and intriguing. If your customers are interested in one of your services or products, then educate them on how to use that specific product, tell them how it differs from other similar products, and show them how your product goes through a multiple step quality assurance process.

You can also educate your audience on your product’s best practices so they can get the most out of their purchase. The power of touch is experiential, engaging and more importantly, memorable. Therefore get your customers excited through an interactive touch kiosk, video wall or display and educate them why they should buy your product.

Create A Revenue Stream:

Why not create opportunities to buy? This is important if you want to increase revenue through your digital signage. It can be as simple as accepting credit cards, offering discounts, or providing upselling opportunities. With your digital POS, kiosk display or video wall you can encourage patrons to shop and spend money. The most important take away is to create opportunities that your customers find valuable.  This concept is very straight forward. If you are watching commercials on tv that don’t appeal to you, you simply change the channel or do something else.  This is the same concept with your digital signage display. Allow you customers the opportunity to search and find what they are looking and when they want to.

Use Metrics and Analytics

This is a very important step in increasing revenue. Using metrics and analytics allows you to know what is working and what is not. You can know what kinds of offerings customers are selecting, what pictures and videos get the most amount of time visitation, and also what products or services are driving the most sales. Analytics allows you to understand your customers and truly measure what is of importance and what will bring you money based on that player persona. Metrics can be customized based on your exact need and specifications allowing you to maximize your potential.

So there you go… do you want to increase revenues using digital signage? It is not rocket-science, the key point is always having your customers in mind when developing your project. Always thinking about how your solution will drive incremental dollars to your bottom line.

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